Real Christmas — Redux

Real Christmas — Redux 2281 2986 fallbackmedia

I started in on this year’s Christmas post by rereading last year’s Real Christmas Traditions. For the first time since January 2014. Woah. A lot of changes since then. Yet, happily, so many things the same.…

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San Diego

San Diego 2448 3264 fallbackmedia

Almost spring here in the great Midwest! But, some days…. not so much. It was 32 degrees and snowy just yesterday. It’s APRIL 11TH, for goodness’ sakes! So … seemed…

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Maybe Soup will Help – Dad

Maybe Soup will Help – Dad 2448 3263 fallbackmedia

My dad died unexpectedly a few months ago. He was a secure anchor in our lives and we’re all still somewhat adrift in the shock. Yet with March 7th approaching,…

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Saarinen’s Village

Saarinen’s Village 150 150 fallbackmedia

PROJECT DETAILS The campus plan acknowledges the German birthplace of Lutheranism and Saarinen’s own Finnish heritage, and is still referred to as ‘Saarinen’s Village‘ because of the similarities to a…

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